We train you with a proven system. Working with your company as a trainer means taking what we have been coaching and teaching and now TRAINING you and/or your personnel in a wide variety of areas.

One area of training that we run across is in who reports to whom and how this looks. Often, we are implementing a system that is a direct result of something lacking or missing within the company. For instance, many companies do not track their job data or information. So, we train the employee’s on how to go about doing this.

Working within your company as a trainer our objective is to guide each person, department or division into the specific skill-sets that they should have at each position, at their pace.

For example, this does not mean “how” to do accounting entries (we might suggest that this could indicate a bigger issue within the Company) but rather, what does an effective Chart of Accounts look like, how do you “read” financials, how can a person in the field communicate to an adjuster in their language or best of all, how does each and every person communicate a higher standard of customer service to everyone that they encounter.

Training can take on many forms. As stated above, it can be in a wide variety of areas within a company. Being able to train people on their level and understand what they are going through has been brought about by the fact that Marty has worked through most if not all of the job positions in the restoration industry. This means that this real world experience is from DOING what they are doing on a daily basis and we can relate to the issues that they face almost everyday.

We have worked with some truly FANTASTIC companies and owners. Almost to a person, these companies will tell you that the training aspects of what we do and the advice we gave to them took them to the “next level” and beyond. No one within their network was suitable to Coach, Teach and Train them and many wanted to build a SOLID foundation for their company to change, grow and blossom into a solid company. Good wasn’t enough, they wanted to be GREAT!