Nikki Begrin


Nikki has been a part of Coach Teach and Train since 2014 and is now one of our entrepreneurial consultants. Marty has worked extensively to “Coach, Teach and Train” Nikki on structures of processes and procedures, the restoration industry needs, business development and Leadership. She has a good eye for efficiency and procedural and people deficiencies.

Not only has Nikki learned the way for the restoration industry she has taken what she’s learned and utilized it in different industries such as telecom and intellectual property proving that the teaching of our company can be utilized in almost any industry. Implementing the guidance of Coach teach and Train has consistently lead to improved outcomes for departments including company morale, business to business relationships and large revenue increases of 45-65%.

She has been around family businesses and the restoration industry her entire life and understands the inner workings of having the proper procedures and people in place. Nikki is great at reading people and seeing where they can fit in within a company and if they are in the right position for their strengths. As far as the restoration industry Nikki worked as a water project coordinator in 2012 quickly filing past due claims catching them up and restoring procedures and adjuster relationships for the company she worked for at the time. She understands the delicate issues that restoration companies can face with water claims and that they play a vital role in the restoration industry.

In the past she has worked on getting our graphics for our marketing materials out there and printed, set up our current website, and does our online surveys.  Nikki is always working on furthering her knowledge and is currently working on her PMP certification and her Masters of Project Management at The University of South Florida. She has her Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Science with a concentration in Conflict Management, is a Certified ScrumMaster, Six Sigma Green Belt and has 4 Associates and 1 Certificate.

Nikki also works on wordpress sites for us for our various clients setting them up to where they can take over if that is their end goal or for us to manage.  She has set up sites for non-profits, hobby sites, company sites and a site for a small production company. She also now manages social media for our company as well.

Nikki has been working since she was 16 going to school half days in order to work and delayed going to college for “real world” experience. Her hobby is English horseback riding starting at the age of 13 and she’s previously taught beginning horsemanship and horseback riding lessons and now owns a horse named Noah. She lives in the Tampa, FL metro and loves spending time with her family.

When you work with Nikki you’ll be working with someone who is a dedicated hard worker and she’ll be sure to make your company a priority, as her passion and calling is helping others excel and be successful at whatever their goals are.