What do we teach?

What we teach is a comprehensive approach to the restoration industry as a whole. One of the very first things that we do with a business owner is to establish with them what their goals are – notice, we did not say my goals or our goals. We said THEIR GOALS. This is a very important difference and it is noteworthy to know the difference.

Teaching business owners or their employees is all about where they are currently at. When coaching, we are taking someone from where they are to where their vision wants to be. When Teaching, we are working to teach how a proven process system or procedure works within a company and how each role is intertwined. Similar to the baseball team that reviews fundamentals (See Coaching) and spends time one on one with each player to work on specific items, many times, we are teaching an individual (or a group) what they should be aware of for their role in their area but more specifically how it affects the company as a whole.

When Teaching, many times, the focus starts with developing the organizational structure. This then leads to instituting the BEST practices, processes and system within the company. For many companies that we work with, this is the first time that employee’s have been introduced to “a system” to work on or to produce a job. We are not referring to “how” to mitigate a water loss or how to use Xactimate but rather what to do to efficiently work on and produce the job from the beginning through to the end product.

Many times when teaching, we are working on specific issues that are either industry related or for that specific company. Often times, we are discussing and reviewing specific problems and needs within the company. In many cases, we have found that there has been an assumption made at time of hiring that a person either knows what they are supposed to know or will just “pick it up” as they go along. Our role as a teacher is to give them info that they can digest and to help them to get to another level.

When we are teaching, we are setting the stage for training with owners and/or employee’s to implement new ideas to the company and bring about changed behavior on a broad array of topics and ideas within the company. The teaching aspect invariably comes from real world, in the field experience(s) that involves in depth advice on a wide range of topics related to the restoration industry and to the “Business of Business” as a whole.