Reflect back on your memories; there are many times in a person’s life when they are told that they did not win something – can you think of one? Maybe it’s time when you were on a sports team where they may not have come in first, or second, or even third. Maybe it’s someone not believing in you when you said you were opening your own company and fell on hard times.

We all have had a moment of “not winning”.

How does that one simple moment change the course of action for you as not only a person, but for your business?

When you first start out in the world there are many different ways that we are all challenged. These challenges shape who we are to become, from our beliefs to our determination, each moment indicates how we see our future. If you are in a season of rough waters right now I want you to stop worrying, make sure you are not failing to implement and trust yourself!

You started your company with a vision and with a desire – Why?? Sit down at your desk and write down what it was that inspired you to do what you are doing. When you are able to sit down and look at where you are and what inspired you generally you get some of that determination back.

You are going to have doubts in troubling times, but that’s why you reach out for help. It doesn’t mean you are failing when you reach out for help … it means you are winning! Why does this mean you are winning? Simple. You are winning because you realize where your weakness lies in the time of trouble and that you need a helping hand to get you to your goals!

Look at your business like a ship and you are the captain. Your crew was hired on for a reason and they each have their tasks and duties to make the ship sale. You give the orders and they follow through if they are on the same page and know what your destination is. As Captain before leaving port you and your crew talked about where you are going, what you were going to do to get there and you talked about what would happen if the ship lost its path.

As you’re out at sea, a storm comes, the crew tries its hardest, but unfortunately some are lost at sea and you have to fight harder to get where you need to go, especially since your short in crew and have been knocked off course.

Now you come to a port and as Captain your duties require you to find more crew that can help you get where your destination is. After hiring more crew you begin your journey again after uniting your crews and putting everyone on the same page again.

Destination (check), duties (check), tasks (check) and how you’re going to make it happen (check).

This time your crew is all hands on deck, everyone is in their place at all times, and as Captain you’re guiding them to safety at the destination that you originally set out for. It may take some time but eventually you get there.

As Captain you didn’t do this alone. You had your crew with you the entire time and that’s part of owning a business. Your crew is there to help you as you help them. Given the right tools and direction you and your team are completely capable of winning and getting through whatever troubling times you are in.

Winning, means you get through the hard times without giving up and you keep your team positive and motivated while handling things with the highest level of professionalism and keeping everyone informed as to exactly what is going on and what is happening.

Remember only you can Captain your ship but sometimes you may need some help so you’re not alone on that ship.