There are many times when looking at a situation you can see that there was no plan that was put into place to prevent poor performance from happening. Now, don’t get me wrong, not every plan will stop poor performance, but you can rest assured that a plan will help minimize this. What I am talking about when it comes to “The 6 P’s” is simple:

Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Let’s go back and look at the ship routine I talked about in a previous post. In order to sail right, you have to have the right team and as the captain you get to determine that team and cheer them on. Here is the awesome part of it all: when you plan and prepare, you can expect excellence in quality workmanship and performance to increase, DRAMATICALLY!

Remember how we talked about communicating and being part of a team? Well this is exactly where the 6 P’s come in handy when you are handling a team.

As you are planning and preparing for all events in your company’s growth (even events as “small” as employee introductions and orientation) you have to know what the limits are of everyone involved. Make sure that you know who is on your team, what their tasks are, and you have a verbal and written agreement from the team that they know what their roles and tasks are. Also, this is where job descriptions during hiring & training comes into play and practice. If just one person doesn’t fall into agreement with the plan and preparation that you have in place, everything can become a poor performance standard and reflect negatively on you and/or the Company.

How do you look at this you ask? Look at it like you are getting a team ready to go “and play the game” (on a job loss). Let’s say there was a fire loss and additional water damage from the fire department putting the fire out. Once you have arrived at the scene, you will need to communicate with your team the situation on the job site and those of the homeowner. This is necessary to make sure that everyone is on the same page about what they need to do:

· Who will do the pack out and what tasks will they do on the pack out
· Who will come in next to do the clean-up and disinfecting/antimicrobial treatments
· Who will be the next ones to come in after that
· Will there be contractors involved or will your structural repair department be involved in the rebuild of the property.

Make sure you communicate with your Team and the home owner exactly what you are going to do, when you will be there, how you will accomplish said tasks and help them feel safe and taken care of. It’s like sailing a ship; each crew member knows her/his job, knows what steps they need to take and how they are going to accomplish the journey.

Sure, prior proper planning and preparation can take a lot of hard work and dedication. Once you are finished with making the “plan”, you can ensure that you are all on the same page. When you do this you can rest assured that your entire project will go according to plan with little or few hitches.

When applying the proper plan, you can present your best foot forward and set an excellent image for your company. When you can go in with a plan it helps keep everyone at ease and be set on the goal for above and beyond service.