What Other Professionals Are Saying About

Coach Teach and Train:

Know Your Talents

“Marty is a Master. Simply stated! He is a man that will create great success wherever he goes.”

– Sarah Blik

NWA Restore It

“You have been a great asset to us … We are very thankful for your proven processes that you have shared with us … You know Marty, we really appreciate you and all you have done for us!!  These words don’t seem to be enough but are so very true.  Thank you so very much!!

–  Kerry and Belinda Tyler

LAB Graphics

“Marty was instrumental in helping us with the reorganization of our business systems, redefining our financial metrics, and building growth in both the number of projects we are able to complete and their profitability”.

-Henry Blair

Amber Collins

“Marty has forever left an impression in my professional life. His impact has been influential in strengthening my development in my career. I have thought about him often and always appreciated the faith he had in me and the opportunities he afforded and paved for me when some may had been apprehensive. I’m not sure that I ever had the chance to Thank him for that, so “Thank You Marty! You broadened my knowledge in business management and gave me the confidence that one needed to be successful and to be heard.”

Dr. Energy Saver by Monroe Restoration

 “Marty is consistent in delivering results from the beginning of the engagement to its completion. You will find him one of the most reliable and trustworthy Mentors you have ever hired”.

– Jeremy Davidson

Stanley Restoration

“The beauty of the reports you have given us and asked us to run regularly, is that so far, they have caused us to realize either tasks are not being done or the task is not progressing through the dates correctly”. 

Rob Reynolds 


“Marty Jocz possesses incredible experience, knowledge and business wisdom when it comes to the restoration industry but that isn’t what I believe makes him an invaluable asset to those clients that he works with. In my opinion it is his unwavering commitment to holding his clients accountable to their business plan that really drives the results. Marty is an exceptional teacher and executive coach who understands the need for both flexibility and accountability on the path to success.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working in collaboration with Marty to assist several clients, and it has always been incredibly fruitful. Marty understands how to ensure that a business is prepared to drive organization change and growth, both of which occur when the company shifts from being production focused to being sales focused. I do not know how those companies would have fared if he hadn’t been actively working to prepare them in advance. His understanding of building strong foundations to support future growth are critical in allowing us to come in and help companies drive sales to a new level.

If you need somebody to coach, teach or train your people to a new level, I cannot recommend Marty strongly enough.”

-Jeff Brettell

VP of Professional Services

Distaster Kleenup Specialists

“…of course you know, I’m your hard head case. I was just down here in Cabo and was thinking before I met you, I only got to come down here one time a year and we were lucky if we made that. Since I met you in the last 4 years I get to come down here 4 times a year. During this hard time of business in the last 4 years with the whole business economy and the way things are going in our industry and other industries you’ve helped us to stay steady, to grow during this time, and to dodge some of the different things in the industry that came up. We just really wanted to tell you that we than you a lot and we appreciate all your hard work with us and the 80 people that we have now grown to under you and our company…. bottom of our hearts, Theresa and myself, tell you thank you very much for what you’ve helped us with, individually with and as a company. Thank you Marty.”

– Terry Ream

Matt Bowman

“I am lucky to have been given the privilege of working with Marty on multiple occasions over the years. Marty is passionate about the success of the people that make restoration what it is today. He has a been there done that attitude, and provides real life solutions to our everyday problems. I consider Marty to be a valuable colleague, but also a valuable friend.”

Chris Hitz

“Thanks as always for the guidance, encouragement and direction. I have been focused on making a hard effort to analyze every situation and strategize and attempt to see how the decisions that I am making will play out in the long run of this game of life. I thank you for your friendship and mentoring, I have learned a ton from you and am re-energized and excited to implement. I appreciate all that you have done for me professionally and personally.”